Končar – Electric Vehicles d.d. deals with the maintenance of railway and light vehicles that are in use in domestic and international railway traffic as follows:

  • diesel-electric multiple units DEMUs and electric multiple units EMUs
  • electric locomotives
  • low-floor trams

We perform various services such as preventive maintenance, service and control inspections of all levels, engine overhauls, painting, replacement of traction motor, modernization of electric locomotives, weighing and diagnostics

Within the company, there is a plant for testing vehicles and subsystems, as well as other existing infrastructure for performing all activities

KEV has specialized workshops and infrastructure necessary for all types of repairs and maintenance on vehicles:

  • Specialized workshop for welding works,
  • Specialized workshop for maintenance of traction and rebound device, automatic and semi-automatic clutch, suspension and suspension elements,
  • Specialized workshop for maintenance of signaling and safety and other devices
  • Vehicle inspection channel from below,
  • Scaffolding / racks for inspection of equipment on the roof of the vehicle,
  • Turntable adjustment plant,
  • Bridge cranes of appropriate capacity for disassembling vehicles,
  • Train power supply connection in the 150 kVA workshop,
  • Test station with polygon and power supply 25 kV 50 Hz,
  • Tools, devices and technical equipment.