About us
in short

The main activity of KONČAR – Electric vehicles Inc. is the development, manufacture, modernization and maintenance of railway vehicles and electric vehicle equipment. Development activities are geared toward the vehicle and its subsystems according to specific customer requirements.

The company is stationed in Zagreb, Croatia and is in operation for the last 50 years. During the years it has proven to be a national leader in production of railway vehicles.

& Vision

Develop and produce new rail vehicles, modernize, digitalize and maintain existing vehicles according to customer requirements and provide various specialist services, competitive both in quality and price. Improving the transport systems, both domestic and foreign, through partnerships and joint ventures.

To become a regional leader in the development, production, modernization, digitalization and maintenance of electric and diesel electric vehicles and their subsystems. Expand operations to wider geographical and market niches as well as develop long-term partnerships.

History and

In 2020, a contract was signed regulating the delivery of the remaining 12 electric trains for HŽ Putnički prijevoz, and in August of the same year a contract was signed for 6 more trams for the Latvian company Liepājas Tramvajs, and at the end of the same year, the first tram was delivered.
In 2018, we signed a contract with the Latvian company Liepājas Tramvajs for the delivery of 6 low-floor trams.
In 2017, a contract was concluded with the company HŽ - Cargo for a major repair and modernization of five electric locomotives marked 1141 and medium repair and modernization of two electric locomotives marked 1141.
In 2016, a contract was concluded with the company HŽ - Passenger transport for major repairs and modernization of 3 electric locomotives series HŽ 1142.
In 2015, the first low-floor diesel-electric train was produced, which in 2017 received the TSI Loc & Pas certificate.
In 2014, a contract was signed for the supply of 44 passenger trains, within which we will deliver 32 electric trains (EMV) to HŽ Putnički prijevoz, of which 16 for urban-suburban traffic and 16 for regional traffic, and 12 for diesel-electric motor trains (DMV).
In July 2011, the first low-floor electric train for regional traffic was put into regular operation, and in September, a prototype of an electric train for urban-suburban traffic of HŽ Putnički prijevoz.
In 2010, the train was exhibited at the international railway transport fair Innotrans.
In 2009, a contract was concluded with the company HŽ Putnički prijevoz d.o.o. for the delivery of the EMV RP prototype.
In 2008, a contract was signed with the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the delivery of EMV RP - Končar's first low-floor train.
In 2008, the TMK2200 was exhibited at InnoTrans
In 2005, the development project of a low-floor electric train was launched, and type tests of the prototype train were successfully performed during 2009 and 2010. Due to the expansion of activities and production program in 2005, the company changed its name to Končar - Električna vozila d.d. In the same year, a contract on general repair and modernization with thyristorization for four diode electric locomotives of the ŽBH 441 series was signed with the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In 2003, development began, and in 2005, serial production and delivery of 100% low-floor trams.
In 1999, the project of thyristorization of the six-axle Co'Co' locomotive was realized. Over the years, more than 120 railway locomotives have been modernized in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.
In 1996, based on the acquired knowledge and developed equipment, we created our own solution for the modernization of diode locomotives, which made them thyristor locomotives. For Croatian Railways, the project of modernization and thyristorization of the four-axis electric diode Bo'Bo' locomotives was completed and the first series of HŽ 1143 was delivered.
In 1994, the TMK 2101 tram was reconstructed and modernized in regular traffic. It was made in three parts (two-articulated), 8-axle with 60 kW drive motors powered by electronic converters with microprocessor power supply.
In 1987, the company moved to a new modern location in the western part of Zagreb, the Jankomir industrial zone, and due to the transformation of the economic system in Croatia in 1990, it changed its name and became Končar - Electric Locomotives.
In 1977, after 75 were delivered, another 55 Bo'Bo' locomotives were contracted for the Romanian Railways.
The company started its production of diode electric locomotives under the license of the Swedish company ASEA, and at the same time began its own development in the field of electric locomotives, which in 1981 resulted in its own solution of a modern thyristor locomotive for 25 kV, 50 Hz.
In 1972, the first of the contracted 75 four-axle electric (Bo'Bo') locomotives for Romania was completed. In the same year, the production of the 50th electric locomotive for the domestic market was solemnly marked.
Končar - Electric vehicles d.d. was founded in 1970 under the name Rade Končar - Electric Locomotives.



  • 350 employees
  • 30% university degree
  • Over 50 experts with many years of R&D experience in the field

ISO Compliance

  • ISO 9001 quality management
  • ISO 14001 environmental management

Synergy effect of the Končar Group

  • Ability to form special teams to solve complex multidisciplinary projects
  • Internal production and development pool (sister companies)
  • Contractual prioritizing amongst the Končar Group companies


Considering our social environment, a high level of responsibility has been achieved with the aim of creating long-term sustainable business.

We perceive the high level of socially responsible business as an important factor in defining the competitive advantage of our company on the market.

Management systems
and certificates

Satisfaction of employees, customers, capital owners and business partners are a fundamental commitment and primary goal of the Management Board of Končar – Electric Vehicles d.d.

Quality management and environmental management have been implemented in regular operations and are a part of the general business success of the company Končar – Electric Vehicles d.d.

The company has the following certificates:

Certificate Quality management system - ISO 9001:2015
Certificate Environmental management system - ISO 14001:2015
Politika sustava upravljanja - objedinjuje upravljanje kvalitetom i okolišem
Certificate of Conformity for Maintenance Function
Certificate Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components - HRN EN 15085-2:2020 CL 1